14th January 2019


Maths: This week we have again picked up the mantle of multiplication by 10. We have shown great understanding (after a wobbly start) of multiplying decimals by 10 so much so that when we came to dividing by 10, it became second nature. We are looking forwards to using our skills to multiply 2- and 3-digit numbers by single digits now we have done the groundwork.

English: In English, we started our work on Charlotte’s Web with a cold task, which involved telling the story of an animal escaping. We showed that we had good understanding of the different feelings that an animal might experience during and following an escape plan; however structuring the story was something that we struggled a bit with. To help with this we have started to learn a part of Charlotte’s Web. Take a look at the video of the first part of us learning the text.

The most interesting part of our work this week was starting our topic on The Vikings. This was enhanced by our Spanish work where we started to learn the names for the different periods in history from the Stone Age until the Vikings left.

Our Star of the Week this week is Jack for the positive attitude that he brings to the classroom each day. He has shown great enthusiasm for all the work completed this week and he has also been spotted being particularly kind and helpful during PE with Mrs Smith. Well done Jack and keep up your hard work and effort.