2nd April 2018


We had a fantastic time at ‘Mountain Day’.  We were split into groups under the names of famous explorers who had climbed, or attempted to climb, Mount Everest.  There six different activities which we moved around throughout the day.  One of them was having the opportunity to taste chicken noodles, as this is one of the main foods climbers eat as it gives them lots of energy.

We sketched equipment which climbers use including boots, harnesses, ‘friends’ and a locking clip.  Over the course of the day Year 3 and 4 aimed to climb our climbing wall the same distance as climbing Mount Everest.  Sadly we didn’t achieve it but had lots of fun learning to traverse across the wall. We walked around the school field taking turns to carry heavy rucksacks.  Bear Grylls Group managed to complete the most laps with 12 laps.  Well done!

The Great Onion Challenge
We have been invited to take part in ‘The Great Onion Challenge’.  This involves trying to grow the heaviest single onion, the smallest onion, the hairiest onion or the largest total weight for a crop of onions.  We prepared our plant bed by forking over the soil and have planted our onion sets by placing them carefully on the top of the soil.  To prevent birds pulling the onion sets out of the soil we have put netting over the top and secured it with pegs.  Fingers crossed our little onion sets will start to flourish!

Easter Enterprise Photo.JPG

Easter Enterprise
For our Easter Enterprise we have been baking some chocolate rice crispy buns and people were able to pre-order them.  We baked over 100 buns and made £39.65 profit.  
As a class we have decided to donate £20 to the Guide Dogs UK and keep £9.65 to reinvest in the Summer Enterprise.  With the remaining £10 we are going to have a gaming/disco afternoon with lots of nice food.