3rd December 2018

This week has been quite a tricky week as it has been assessment week but Mrs Hilton has been really proud of our studious work ethic and the positive attitude that we brought to the assessments. Our hard work has paid off, particularly with reading as we have really taken the opportunity to show off our skills. Great work!

Beyond our assessments, we have added the finishing touches to our Diva lamps which are looking amazing as they sit on the windowsill to welcome visitors to our classroom. We have also put the finishing touches to our poems based on the poem, The Coming of the Iron Giant. These turned out really well, particularly after our “Slow Write” as the final poem enabled us to really show off our skills – take a look at four of our poems.

The most interesting part of our work this week was having the opportunity to watch the F/S nativity performance, The Bossy King, which we loved. It was especially special as quite a few of us had siblings who were performing and we weren’t expecting to see it. We also really enjoyed sharing our projects with the class. Take a look at the range of things what we have managed to show, not forgetting the giant bourbon biscuit that we enjoyed, the giant cookie that we shared and the ginormous hot dog that Alfie ate (and shared with his sister!) at home.

Our Star of the Week this week is Malachai for the hard work and effort he has put into his poem particularly. The improvements he has made and the techniques that he has built into the poem has really impressed Mrs Hilton. Great work Malachai, keep up all your hard work and effort, it really is paying dividends.