17th December 2018

Maths: This week we have continued to develop our multiplication skills by solving problems involving multiplying by multiples of 10. We then went on to discover what happens when you multiply by zero. Some of us found it really tricky to see that when you multiply a number by zero you finish up with zero. After a lot of modelling and heated discussion, we were all finally convinced that you didn’t end up with the number you started with and that that only happened when you multiplied by one!

English: We have continued to work on The Tree Giant – looking at the structure of the paragraphs, the use of topic sentences, how to structure a similar text into paragraphs as well as how to create our own relative clauses. Phew!! What a lot of work we have managed to cram in with a great deal of success – Mrs Hilton was very impressed with our work on relative clauses.

The most exciting part of our work this week, apart from our Enterprise project on Friday, was our visit to watch the KS1 nativity dress rehearsal. We all agreed at the end of it that we were proud of our younger siblings and that they had all done a brilliant job learning all the songs that they sang enthusiastically. Friday afternoon (enterprise afternoon) was also truly exciting because within the hour we had sold our entire stock of fifty hot choc cones and over twenty beautifully scented candles that Mrs Hilton and a small group had been busily making.

Our Star of the Week this week was Kye for the great enthusiasm and understanding that he has shown this week for both his maths and English work particularly. He has really impressed many members of staff with his helpful attitude and positivity to work, even when it can be a bit tricky.