26th November 2018

Welcome to the blog for 4ALW (Andrew Lloyd Webber) – yet another great, yet busy, week

Maths: This week we have continued to work on our measures focusing on perimeter. We have shown clear understanding of finding the perimeter of simple rectangular shapes. Building on this learning, we went on to find perimeters of rectilinear shapes. By using coloured pencils to mark the perimeters, we were able to easily find perimeters of all different shapes.

English: We have continued to build on our understanding of poetry by identifying alliteration, similes and rhyme in the poem “The Coming of the Iron Man” which we have then used to inspire our own poetry writing in our build up to writing our hot task. We have created our own giant robots, giving them particular jobs and characteristics that we have then used to generate our own similes, alliteration and rhyme. Some of us even tried to include rhythm – this was quite tricky!

The most interesting part of our work this week painting and decorating our diva lamps that we are really proud of.

Our Star of the Week this week is Charlotte for the way she has maintained her focus and shown true understanding of perimeter – measuring accurately and then going on to create her own rectilinear shapes with given perimeters. Keep up the hard work.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in their “Greatest” homework – so far we have enjoyed a giant cookie and a giant bourbon biscuit (Bradley’s Mum’s first attempt at cake making) and have had lots of fantastic projects. Watch out for some of the photos next week (assuming there’s space left in the classroom for them all!).