19th November 2018

Welcome to the blog for 4ALW (Andrew Lloyd Webber). It’s been another fantastic week in the life of 4ALW!

Maths: This week has seen us start work on measures and converting between metres and kilometres. After a very shaky start, we showed our true colours mastering converting between measures and applying our knowledge to bar models to calculate the differences between measures. This caused a few headaches but our perseverance and positive attitude came through ensuring that we gained a good deal of success.

English: Our work started with our cold task – writing a poem to describe the death of a giant robot. Many of us showed good understanding of what a poem needed and impressed Mrs Hilton with our initial input. However the bulk of our work this week has been around our visit to Magna and writing a recount following the visit.

The most interesting part of our work this week was our visit to Magna where we visited each of the four pavilions – Fire and Water certainly proved popular, as did making paint from oil, vinegar, egg yolks and smoked paprika! Some of us even whisked it so it was thick enough so, when the bowl was held over someone’s head, none of it came out.

This week also included anti-bullying week – we used the film “For The Birds” and thought about what made a good friend as well as starting the week by wearing our odd socks.


Our Star of the Week this week Daisy for the care and thought that she has put into her recount which has helped to create a piece of writing that will engage the reader. Well done Daisy.