29th January 2018

This week we have all worked extremely hard. In maths, we have been learning how to divide two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers using base ten equipment and place value counters. 


In English, we examined an image of an erupting volcano. In pairs, we came up with lots of descriptive words/phrases that we felt described the image accurately. We then worked hard in structuring our descriptions into expanded noun phrases (one of our writing targets for this half term). 

Ava…Beside the river, a dangerous, active volcano erupted!

Ben…The hot, dusty ash flew into the sky.

We have also been working hard on learning our eight statutory spellings this week. Calum, Thomas and Olivia are our new ‘Spelling Bee’ champions achieving a progress score of 4! 


We have been having lots of practical fun in our topic lessons this week. In pairs, we created a 3D model of a volcano! Even though some of us got rather sticky…our creations were second to none! We will be using our science skills to ‘erupt’ our volcanoes in the next coming weeks. 


In P.E , we have been continuing with gymnastics. Mrs Smith was so impressed with how we all used our growth mindset to help us perform a well-formed forward roll. Some of us even managed to exit our forward rolls into a straddle position.