9th October 2017

We have started practising adding and taking away multiples of 100 and have had great fun using a variety of equipment.  We can practise doing this at home, asking a partner to choose three, three-digit numbers which we can use to create different number sentences.  For example:
200 + 400 = 600
400 + 200 = 600
600 – 400 = 200
600 – 200 = 400

Today we had great fun trying to describe an object using descriptive sentences and our partner had to guess what it was.  Can you guess what these objects are?

It can be enormous or small and it can travel sensational speeds and create loud noises.  It doesn’t have any arms or legs like human beings and can be found in a shop.  What am I?
— Robbie
It is usually shiny red and it has pitch black windows.  It has a bumper and it travels on the road.
— Thomas

In English the class imagined how Rose Blanche was feeling when she came to a wire fence after following a German lorry out of her village.  We formed two lines and one child was Rose Blanche who walked between the two lines slowly whilst the children tried to persuade her to either go home’ or cross the fence and find out what was in the clearing.  It is called ‘Conscience Alley’ and we all enjoyed shouting our reasons for and against Rose to cross the fence.

Joel is our ‘Champion of the Week’ for his consistent hard work and effort over the week.  He is trying his best to read at home and is completing as many AR quizzes as he can.  Well done Joel!