23rd October 2017

We are continuing to learn about World War II and this week started researching what life was like during ‘The Blitz’.  Each group was given a pack of photographs and was asked to study them carefully then answer a series of questions.  The children enjoyed working together to find clues in the pictures and successfully answered the questions.

A quick reminder about the ‘Anderson Shelter Project’ that children can complete if they wish to.  Models must not be made out of wood or plastic and will be tested using a 1kg weight.  
Anderson Shelter Project Details

Our work on ‘Rose Blanche’ has drawn to a close by completing a ‘Hot Task’ which involved using an image to write a piece of descriptive writing.  Watch this space for examples of the children’s wonderful work!

Champion of The Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Thomas who has shown a positive attitude in class when tackling new concepts which he doesn’t always find easy.  He was very enthusiastic to start his ‘Hot Task’ and encouraged the rest of the class to follow his example of having a positive attitude.