2nd October 2017

We had great fun in PE this week when we learnt a dance called ‘The Lambeth Walk’.  We had to find a partner, link arms and walk forwards 8 steps and then turn different ways at certain times.  Watch the video below to see our wonderful performance.

The children who went swimming worked very hard and Charlotte Cooke gained her Puffin badge.  Well done Charlotte!

In maths we have practised ordering three digit numbers, smallest to largest or largest to smallest.  Children can practise this at home by rolling a die three times to create a three digit number and then putting the numbers they have created in order.

We have started looking at a book called ‘Rose Blanche’, which is linked to our topic, World War II.  We have practised using our inference skills to learn more about the story line by studying the illustrations.  We thought of some wonderful predictions and questions when studying the front cover.
We earnt one handshake this week.


Lily is our ‘Champion of the Week’ for her continued hard work and effort every lesson. Keep up the positive attitude Lily!