20th May 2019

Maths: Well, this week we have continued our focus on money and revisiting some of the concepts from decimals such as rounding. We have thoroughly enjoyed showing off our skills when rounding to pounds as well as to 10ps and convincing our peers that we know what we are talking about as part of a rounding game. It was a great chance to consolidate and secure our understanding.

English: This week we have continued to work on our poems based on My Little Monster. They are really progressing well and when they are published, we will add a selection to our blog.

The most interesting parts of our work this week was the opportunity to work with John William’s class because their teacher was involved in SATs. We have completed an orienteering maths course successfully applying our decimals and money knowledge – adding, subtracting, rounding and showing the values of digits before unravelling the clues to find out what Captain Pongo’s prize was … in the end it turned out to be a golden banana. We’ve also started some superb art work using sketching pencils and coloured pencils of rainforest animals. And the final thing ws the SATs quiz that we also completed. We were trying to beat our pervious scores – most of us succeeded in improving and one pair managed to score 25/25 which was fantastic with 7 other pairs also scoring more than 22 which was the previous high score. Great work everyone in Year 4!

Our Star of the Week this week is Luke for the impressive way he has dealt with decimals through money, especially rounding as it was something that he had found quite tricky when working with decimals, yet this week with money he successfully rounded to both pounds and to 10 pence. Great work, keep it up!

13th May 2019

Maths: This week we have been showing off our decimals knowledge – we have certainly improved our knowledge and understanding from our cold task – we can see lots of green against our assessed questions. We have also started to look at money and the first thing that we noticed were the links with the work we have done about decimals – this is making it so much easier as it’s giving us the chance to revisit the decimals work in a slightly different way to really consolidate our understanding, especially with those bits that we were a bit wobbly with still!

English: We have started to look at another poem – My Little Monster – which we have analysed and then started to use to inspire our own poetry writing. We have used the format to structure our own ideas for a poem again about a rainforest animal, this time though we are needing to think about rhymes which sometimes is making the work more tricky.

Our Star of the Week this week was Charlotte for her enthusiasm and persistence in all lessons. She can always be relied on to try her best and to engage with lessons, even when she is finding some bits particularly tricky. Great work – keep it up and continue to look after our carrots!

6th May 2019

Maths: This week we have been discovering more about decimals. We have discovered how to apply our knowledge of rounding to rounding decimals and had lots of fun practising using our hopscotch grids from last week. We have also impressed with our understanding of ordering decimals choosing to order three, four or even five decimals with up to 2 decimal places.

English: This week we have used the poem that we performed last week (Danny the Cat) to inspire our own rainforest poems. We have written some super poems using the structure of Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem to help us structure our own and then we have performed them to the rest of the class. Some of these have been recorded for the website. Have a listen – we hope you enjoy them too!

The most interesting part of our work this week was joining together with the other two year 4 classes for a maths trail and SPaG quiz as 4RP were homeless on Thursday due to the election. We had great fun identifying the different values of decimal numbers and then answering SPaG style questions. What a fantastic way to show off our skills and have fun learning.

Our Star of the Week is Alfie for the hard work and effort that he always puts into his work but also for the clear understanding that he has shown during our decimals work. He really impressed me with his determination to understand rounding them. This is in addition to his work on performing poetry as well as writing his own. Well done and keep up the hard work – you will reap the rewards.

29th April 2019

Maths: This week we have been showing off our skills with decimals. After showing that we really had no understanding of them with our cold tasks on Monday, the speed with which we have seen the links with our previous understanding of number bonds to 10 and 100 has been incredible. We have shown that we already understand the place value of different digits using decimals to two places and understand how these can be linked to our understanding of money which has made things so much easier.

English: We are studying a unit on “Performance Poetry” and have been using the poem Danny the Cat by Benjamin Zephaniah. Having analysed the poem at the beginning of the week and used the poem to inspire our own rainforest poems that we will be working on next week, we finished the week by performing the poem in different groups. Have a look and a listen to our performance – which one do you prefer and why?

The most interesting part of our work this week was finding out that our next topic will be “Rainforests” which we are really looking forward to.

Our Star of the Week this week is Daisy for the hard work and effort she puts in to school on a daily basis and for the particularly descriptive words that she came up with during our rainforest descriptive brainstorming session. Keep up the great work and well done for achieving your silver presentation award.

1st April 2019

Maths: This week in Maths we have completed our unit on Fractions. We have continued to solve problems with different fractions using bar models and our hot tasks are impressing Mrs Hilton-Loom as she can see the progress that we have made.

English: We have started to look at different non-chronological reports this week and have learned an example text “How a Jellyfish stings” to help us with this. We have really impressed with our retelling of the text and our identification of technical vocab. We have then used this understanding to generate ideas that we can use for our own non-chronological reports that will be about the Viking gods.

The most interesting part of our work this week was our PE lesson. We have really impressed with our improved confidence and skills in gymnastics over the past few weeks. There are definitely some very flexible people in our class!

Well done to the two girls who have gained their silver presentation licences this week and to the other children who have achieved their bronze awards. Who will be next?

Our Star of the Week this week is Robbie for his conscientious attitude and consistent hard work. Keep it up as it is helping you to be your very best self.