20th March 2017

Our understanding of fractions keeps improving! This week we had a fantastic Maths lesson creating our own exhibits for a fraction museum. We worked in pairs to use a range of objects to show unit and non-unit fractions. We had to explain which fractions we had made. When our museum was set up, we looked at all of the exhibits and explained to each other which fractions had been created.

On some exhibits, we had to write down the fraction. Miss Brownfoot’s children also came in to explore the museum and we looked at their exhibits too. We have enjoyed fraction orienteering where we had to explain the different fractions. At the end of the week, we had to decide which fraction of Oreos we would rather have. Lots of us have ‘stretched our brains’ this week!

PE was very exciting this week as we used apparatus. Still thinking about starting and finishing positions and having control in our bodies, we had to move in different ways over the equipment. 

The time finally arrived for us to plant our seed potatoes this week. After chitting on the windowsill for two weeks, we raked over the soil, planted and watered them this week. We are hoping for a good crop especially as there is a whole school competition. Watch this space for updates!

This week we had 100% attendance again so we won the cup and medals for another week! This is the third week in a row that we have had 100%! We earned 6 handshakes. Well done everyone!