13th March 2017

In English, we finished writing our extracts of stories where the characters build something.  Linked to our topic work on the Romans, we have invented and visualised a new god or goddess. After visualising our god or goddess, we had to think of their special power and where they would live. Next week, we will use our visualisation work to write a short report about them.

In Mathematics, we have been looking in more detail at fractions and we are becoming confident. We can explain how many parts make a whole and some of us have looked at mixed numbers. 

In PE, we have been working really hard to improve our handstands. We have had to concentrate on our starting position, pointing our toes and lifting our legs. We have also practised making a ‘wall’ to support our partners.

This week we had 100% attendance again so we won the cup and medals for another week! A huge well done to everyone.  We also earned 11 handshakes. A fantastic week again.