6th February 2017

In Topic, we have been learning more about the Romans. This week, we have focused on a famous leader of the Celtic Iceni tribe who led a revolt against the Roman army. Using evidence, we drew and labelled images of Boudicca.

STEM Day at The Elizabethan Academy
The children behaved impeccably well at The Elizabethan Academy where they participated in 5 different Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities. The activities were organised around the theme of ‘Healthy Eating’ and we thoroughly enjoyed planting pepper and spinach seeds, making pasta salad, exploring the hidden sugar in soft drinks and creating our own balanced meal.

This week we earned another attendance certificate! A big well done to everyone again. We earned 6 handshakes and Archie was our ‘Champion of the Week’ for a great attitude to learning. Well done, Archie.