27th February 2017

In Mathematics, we have finished our class work on Time. We have solved word problems involving durations of time. It would be helpful if the children continued practising telling the time at home. We have moved on to work on fractions where we really enjoyed using bags of Haribo to determine fractions of each sweet, especially as we got to eat them afterwards! We have also been recognising and counting in tenths. 

In English we have been using conjunctions to extend ideas in a sentence. Which conjunctions can you use to describe the picture?

Thanks you to those children who have been reading at least 3 times at home. Keep up the great work! 

This week we just missed out on earning an attendance certificate. We earned 6 handshakes and Owen and Jake are our ‘Champions of the Week’. Owen has shown a positive attitude this week and Jake has answered lots of questions in class. Well done, boys!