28th November 2016

This week, we have developed our understanding of division by using a blank number line to show jumps. We have also used key facts to help us to make bigger jumps. Rather than pencil and paper, this week we completed our work on the tables using white board pens. We had great fun while we learning to apply important skills.  

In English we started to learn a new text called ‘The Tree Giant’. We have asked questions and made predictions about each section of the text and we have moved on to using our voice and actions to learn the text. 

In French, we have been learning how to greet someone and tell them our names.  We enjoyed learning a short rhyme to practise some phrases.

The Potato Bus
All the children visited the potato bus earlier in the week and were invited to take part in activities on the bus.  They enjoyed an hour-long session learning all about potatoes and where they come from. They found out how to prepare the soil and plant potatoes, when they are grown and harvested and how they are stored to keep them fresh. They had a go at the type of grading, sizing and weighing that takes place in potato factories and learned about the many different ways to eat potatoes and how important they are as part of a healthy balanced diet.  All the children had the opportunity to taste some samples at lunchtime.

This week, Archie C , Daisy F , Korben and Adwyn earned Superstar certificates for super work in Mathematics.  We earned 6 handshakes and our attendance was 98% which earned us another certificate!
Wayde was our ‘Champion of the Week’ as he listens carefully in class and is always ready!