17th October 2016

In English we have started to write our stories based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Look out for our writing next week. Our poem of the moment is The Magic Box by Kit Wright. We have enjoyed reading the poem and also listening to Kit Wright read it online. In Guided Reading, we have asked questions, predicted, wondered and carried out some activities involving visualisation which have all helped us the understand the poem. Use the link below to hear the poem. 

In Mathematics, we have been using dienes to help us complete subtraction calculations with and without regrouping. We have had to think carefully about place value, exchanging a ten stick for ten ones. Working practically really helped us to understand and see the process.

This week we had our Harvest Assembly with KS1. We sang songs, read poems and learned about harvest around the world. We all did really well. Ruby, Rick, Daisy F. and Summer did a fantastic job of reading during the assembly. 
This week we earned 12 handshakes. 

Our attendance was 96.7% and Ruby, Rick, Daisy F. and Summer all earned a ‘Superstar’ certificate.

Korben is our ‘Champion of the Week’ because he has worked extremely hard this week and he is answering more questions during class discussions. Well done, Korben.