10th October 2016

In English we have been using images as a stimulus to help us write sentences of 3 for description. Once we were happy with our sentences, we added fronted adverbials to give extra information about when, where or how.

In Mathematics, we have been using dienes to help us complete addition calculations with and without regrouping. We have had to think carefully about place value, changing ten ones for a stick of ten or ten ten-sticks for a flat hundred. Working practically really helped us to understand and see the process.

This week we earned 18 handshakes which won us the title of ‘Class of the Week’. We are proudly displaying the cup and poster in our classroom.


Our attendance was 96.7% and Daisy F, Leo and Hollie all earned a ‘Superstar’ certificate.

Daisy F. is our ‘Champion of the Week’ because she has made an excellent start to her work in Year 3. She works extremely hard to produce her best work and, this week, we are really impressed by both her writing and Maths work. Well done, Daisy.