6th March 2017

English – This week we have been learning about fiction and non-fiction texts. We have been learning to identify non-fiction books by looking at the title. We have been learning how to use non-fiction texts to help us answer questions about keeping fit and healthy. We should be able to tell you what the contents, title, index, subheadings, blurb and glossary are used for in non-fiction texts. 

Maths- We have been learning to record time in minutes and seconds. We recorded how many minutes and seconds it took us to do different activities in the classroom. Someone could do 62 star jumps in a minute! Some children have also been learning about fractions. We used Lego pieces to help us understand wholes and parts . We then used different pieces to find halves and quarters. 

World Book day
We had a lovely day on Thursday dressing up as our favourite book characters . We loved having parents and carers in our classroom to share a story and a biscuit with us! Some children brought some money into school to buy some second hand books which they loved sharing with the class!