27th March 2017

This week we have been practising what we have learnt this year so far. We have practised our spellings, punctuation and grammar. We have also practised answering questions about a text. 

This week we have been practising our arithmetic and reasoning skills. We had to read the questions very carefully so we know which maths to draw pictures for to help us work out the answer. 

English Institute of Sport
On Thursday we visited the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. When we arrived we were greeted by a guide who gave us a tour of the building. They showed us where all the real athletes trained. We were lucky enough to see a few of them such as Anthony Joshua  and have our photos taken with them.  The teachers there were fantastic and taught us skills needed for football, basketball and athletics. We really enjoyed throwing a javelin and jumping over the hurdles. Lots of us also really enjoyed shooting baskets even though we found dribbling the ball tricky!