13th March 2017

This week we have been learning to use non-fiction books to help us answer questions about keeping fit and healthy. We have also been researching about different aspects of  the topic such as food groups, exercise, and our body.  We have been making notes as we will be using these notes to help us write our own ‘Keeping fit and Healthy Leaflet’. We have also planned our own super hero story which we will be writing next week! We have been very busy!

We have been learning all about fractions this week. We have learnt that fractions are EQUAL parts of a whole. We have been learning to find fractions of  shape and different amounts. Some of us have learnt to draw pictures to work out ½ , 1/3 and ¼ of amounts and others have used counting equipment to help them. 

Fire of London Finale
We had an exciting morning on Friday when we burnt down some of the Tudor houses we made in Design Technology. We were so excited to watch them catch fire and burn. We sang London’s Burning as we watched! 

Easter Bunny Competition 
We were so excited to have Mrs Robinson’s bunnies in our classroom last week. Ks1 held a competition to help Mrs Robinson  name her new bunnies. The winner will be announced on Friday!