6th February 2017

English - This week we have been planning our own version of ' Traction Man'. We have created new missions for him. We have been drawing our new story maps and making sure we have included VIP words and important spellings which we will need next week when we begin to write our stories. 

Maths- This week we have been learning about multiplication. We have learnt that the symbol can mean the following words .. groups of, lots of, times and multiply. We have been using counters to make a picture which has helped us to answer multiplication problems. We have also been learning to answer multiplication word problems. 

Firemen visit- On Wednesday, we had a visit from the local Fire Fighters! They brought their fire engine and we were allowed to sit inside it and have a look around. The Firemen taught us all about their fire engine, they said it was like a big tool shed. They showed us all the equipment which was onboard, it was fascinating! They also talked to us about how fire fighting now is very different to what it was like in 1666 (the time of the Great Fire of London). They were very impressed with our knowledge about the Great Fire of London. If you ask us at home we should be able to answer the following questions! We're sure you'll be very impressed too! 

When did the fire start?
Where did the fire start?
How did the fire start? 
How long did the fire last for? 
How do we know about the fire of London? 
Why did the fire spread so quickly?