27th February 2017

Maths- This week we have learning all about time. We made our own clocks and have been learning to tell the time to half past and o’ clock.  We have been learning about years, months and days to help us have a better understanding of time.  Some children have also been learning about multiplication and division, they have been able to draw jottings in their books to help them solve word problems. 

English- This week we been planning and writing a non-fiction report about the Great Fire of London. Mrs Robinson and Mrs Beardsall were very impressed with how much information we remembered from before half term. 

Spelling- This week the Year 1’s have been learning to choose the correct ‘ai’ sound for different words! They realised there were lots to choose from!! 
The Year 2’s having been learning to add the suffixes ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ to words. They have had to learn the different spelling rules to help them apply this!