26th September 2016

Maths- We are beginning to learn that a number is made up of both tens and ones.  This week we have been learning to partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones, using equipment. We have enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders, which has helped us to recognise numbers.

English- This week we have been learning to describe the characters in the story using lots of interesting adjectives. We have been describing the character’s personality and their appearance.    

Topic- We have been learning about the famous explorers our three KS1 classes are named after, Tim Peake, James Cook and Amy Johnson. We have been learning about the expeditions they went on and thinking about the equipment they would have needed to take with them.  

Our Explorer of the week was Kuba Lapkiewicz! Kuba has listened very well to advice this week in order to improve his writing! Well done!

Attendance this week was 90.9%