7th November 2016

English- This week we have been inventing our new stories. We have drawn a story map for our new story and we have been practising to re tell our stories to each other. We began writing our stories on Friday.  We needed to make sure the opening to our stories were really exciting so we have included lots of exciting words and description. 

Maths- This week we have been learning about number bonds. We have used dienes to help us find pairs of numbers which add up to 10 and 20. WE also learnt this song which helps us to remember number bonds to 10:

5 and 5 add up to 10.
6 and 4 make it again.
7 and 3 will also do. 
Look, look ,look for 8 and 2. 
9 and 1 and 0 and 10.
Complete the ways of making 10! 

School Council Voting-  This week, we learnt about voting. Children could volunteer  themselves to be voted and then we talked about what would make a good councillor. We had a special ballot box and we had to vote in secret for who we wanted to become our class councillors.

Kuba and Amelia  were the children with the most votes so they are our class councillors. Well done!