14th November 2016

English- This week, we have written our new invented stories! We have worked really hard on them! Here is Connie Challinor’s (Y1) story  for you to have a read of! We really enjoyed talking and thinking about bonfire night. We described different bonfire items using powerful adjectives and similes .We then used our ideas to write bonfire night poems. Here is Matthew Marshall’s (Y2) and Kuba Lapkiwicz’s (Y1) .

Maths – We have been learning to add two numbers together by counting on. We have had to remember not to count the number we started on, so we get the right answer! 

Diwali- We really enjoyed learning about the story of Rama and Sita and learning about why Hindus celebrate Diwali. We followed instructions carefully, about how to make  a Diva lamp and we made Diwali cards.

This week's attendance was 82.3%