20th May 2019

Our attendance this week was 100% so we were able to collect a twelfth Good Attendance Voucher.

Puzzling Texts: Faced with a short text extract, we look to make sense of the facts we’re given. Next, we try to think further to work out what else we suspect might be true. You can see us discussing our ideas to see if our guided reading groups reached similar conclusions.


SATs style assessments: We have been getting to grips with the style of SATs papers and have been show casing our skills so that we know what we need to build up ready for Year 6.


Crazy Hair Day: A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported our PTA by organising their hair in a different style to normal.

13th May 2019

Our attendance this week was 98.4% so we were able to collect an eleventh Good Attendance Voucher.

Responding to challenges involving decimals: We have been comparing and sharing our responses to challenges involving decimals. We are looking to collect evidence of our thinking steps on paper so that we can share our ideas with others. We worked together to model successful methods while finding solutions.

Mummifying King Tom: Fortunately, we know the mummification process because of our mummification rap and from our work with Mr Adby. So, when King Tom died, we were on hand to organise his mummification. At the moment, we have him buried in salt, ready for repacking when enough time has gone by.

6th May 2019

Our attendance this week was 98.7% so we were able to collect a tenth Good Attendance Voucher.

Using decimal fraction skills while facing up to challenges: We have been collecting a range of problems and challenges that require us to apply our decimal fraction skills. We are finding that often, the challenge looks much worse than the thinking needed to find an answer.

It’s a Mummy Rap!: We are investigating the mummification process so that we will be in a position to mummify King Tom. We are learning a rap to help us to sequence the steps that the ancient Egyptians used.

29th April 2019

Our attendance this week was 97.2% so we were unable to collect a tenth Good Attendance Voucher.

Developing cohesion within and across paragraphs: We have explored and grouped a wide range of cohesive words and phrases and, moreover, we are now looking to include them within our discussion texts.

Working with Partake: We were invited to sample the smells of ancient Egypt, investigating coriander, cumin, frankincense, myrrh & cinnamon, substances that the ancient Egyptians used as perfumes and for either flavouring food or mummification! We handled artefacts that would have been placed by the priests within the muslin bindings. Later, we re-enacted a pharaoh’s funeral, becoming the priests, royal family members and professional mourners.

8th April 2019


Our attendance this week was 98.7% so we were able to collect a ninth Good Attendance Voucher.

Calculating with Decimals: We have been selecting appropriate methods so that we can add and subtract decimals and describe the values involved. Our pictures show calculations being confirmed and thinking steps being commentated.

Writing to Discuss: We have investigated how discussion texts are often structured and have found the balance of arguments contained within them. Our picture shows our Intergalactic Council Meeting where we discussed whether the Daleks, supported by Dr Who, should be allowed to co-habit the Earth with humans. As you can imagine, views did vary!

1st April 2019

Our attendance this week was 95.5% so we were unable to collect a ninth Good Attendance Voucher.

Maths of the Day: We have been ‘firing’ decimal fractions at each other to see if we can complement to the next whole number!

Art Gallery: A BIG Thank you to everyone who came to visit us on Friday afternoon. Being able to explain the skills which we have been developing really helped us to consolidate our learning. Congratulations to all of the children for some fabulous Artwork.