19th March 2018

We went to Captain Jack’s on Wednesday to have a ‘fun hour’ playing as the owner kindly offered each Year Group a free session in memory of Seth.  We had a great time and especially enjoyed the biscuits and squash. Thank you Captain Jack’s!


We have started our new topic in Maths – Measurement.  We are currently revising how to measure using a ruler in centimetres and millimetres.  The children can find this quite hard, so any practise they do at home will be great for them.  Ask them to measure any ‘safe’ household objects to the nearest centimetre and millimetre.  Can they order their measurements from smallest to largest?  Challenge them!


Mrs Parsons and the dinner staff award points to children for having good manners and behaviour whilst in the Dinner Hall.  The points are added up each day, and on Wednesday Year 3 won!  Keep up the good manners and behaviour Year 3, and we may win the Easter Term Prize.

Our new ‘Spelling Bee Champion’ is Ava as she scored 8/8 on her spelling test, increasing her score by 6.  Well done Ava!

Spelling Bee Champion.JPG

Our new ‘Spelling Bee Champion’ is Ava as she scored 8/8 on her spelling test, increasing her score by 6.  Well done Ava!

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Mitchell for always trying his best in lessons and having a positive attitude, even when he is struggling to understand the work.  Well done Mitchell!

Diamond won with 120 House Points this week.  Well done Diamond!

12th March 2018

We have had a very busy week and have all enjoyed being back at school after the heavy snowfall last week.

We had ‘World Book Day’ and had a fantastic time dressing up as our favourite book characters as well as inviting Parents and Carers in to share books and eat biscuits!  Thank you so much to those that managed to come and spend time with us, we really enjoyed completing a ‘Where’s Wally?’ activity and sharing lots of fantastic books, including some that we had purchased with the profit from our Christmas Enterprise.

Poppy had a big surprise in assembly when she was awarded a certificate for being our class winner for the ‘Reading Lottery’.

This is being reintroduced throughout school and every half-term a child in each class will win the opportunity to choose a book off the book trolley to take home. 

All they need to do is read regularly at home, record it in their Reading Record Books and have their ticket drawn out of the hat!  Well done Poppy for reading regularly at home.

Champion of the Week.JPG

Savannah is our ‘Champion of the Week’ for trying her best in a reading test this week and for having a positive attitude towards her work.  Well done and keep it up Savannah!

19th February 2018

We have had a jam-packed week full of exciting activities from erupting volcanoes to designing and creating a comic strip.

We had great fun making our volcano models erupt using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We carefully added the ingredients into the vents of our volcano models, which we had made using paper mache, and watched them erupt.  It was fantastic to watch!

Continuing on from our work on volcanoes we have started learning about rocks and fossils, and how they are made.  We used magnifying glasses to examine the fossils to see if we could name the creatures or plants. Ben brought in a giant fossil to show us, which he had found on a beach whilst on holiday.

After reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’, we reduced the story to three main events and designed a comic strip using sound and speech bubbles.  We had the opportunity to read lots of different comics to ensure we included the main features in our designs.

Earlier in the year the children entered a competition organised by the Rotary Club of Retford.  They had to design a picture which showed the idea of a Spring garden.  The children had a variety of mediums and resources they could choose from and worked very hard to create some wonderful pictures.  This week we had an e-mail informing us that three out of the five winners in the age group 7-8 Years are in our class!  Ben, Charlotte and Brooke’s designs had amazed the judges and they have won book vouchers which they will be awarded with after half-term.  Their designs, along with others, will be on display in the first floor Gallery at the Hub in Cannon Square, Retford from next Monday 19th February to Thursday 1st March 2018.

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Calum for his positive attitude in class and outstanding manners at all times.  Well done Calum!

The Spring Garden by Brooke.JPG

Amethyst was the ‘House of the Week’ with 140 points.  It was a close race with Amethyst beating Garnet by one point.

12th February 2018

We have presented the poems we wrote last week about a volcano erupting.  We had to try and include a simile, metaphor and personification.  Can you spot these in our poems below?


In Maths we have started to learn about money – something we all love!  We have been focusing on converting pounds into pence and vice versa.  It is always good practise for children to count money at home, or when visiting a supermarket to add prices of products together and estimate the cost of a bill.  It makes a visit to the shops more exciting!

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Olivia.  She is always willing to help others, both in and out of lessons, and has shown a positive attitude when tackling maths problems.  Well done Olivia!


On Thursday 15th February there is NO swimming for either group.  All children will require their outdoor PE kit please with appropriate footwear.  Swimming will start for the new group of children after half-term on Thursday 1st March.  A letter will be going out next week containing all the relevant information.