4th February 2019

It’s been another busy week in our class this week. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to …

Maths: This week we have been applying our new found understanding of multiplication to worded problems. Once we had demonstrated that we could identify what the problem was asking us to do, Mrs Hilton-Loom made it more tricky – she gave us lots of problems and we had to answer the multiplication questions. This really made us think about what the questions were asking us to do.

English: We have really enjoyed reading the story “Arthur and the Golden Rope”. At first we were given small extracts from the text and we made predictions about it based on the extracts and the front cover. This also generated lots of questions about who the characters are and why particular words were chosen by the author. As we then read it, we have been able to analyse our understanding of the text and so answered many of our questions.

The best part of the week though was Friday when we worked as a whole year group and completed a multiplication trail. We had to select (with our partner) a colour of multiplication questions to solve. Once we had worked out the answer to the first question, it led us to find the answer in a different place. Once we had the answer this gave us a letter. When we had solved all eight calculations we had to decode the message and find the total for the questions we had been working out. It was lots of fun.

Our Star of the Week this week is Savannah for her attitude to our maths work. She has not found it particularly easy but has persevered and begun to explain her understanding to others which has really helped her to develop her confidence and understanding. Well done and keep up the “have a go” attitude, it will get you a long way.

28th January 2019

Maths: This week we have been developing our multiplication skills further. We have really got to grips with short multiplication and are gaining confidence with the process of what we are doing to really understand it. We have found using counters to demonstrate our understanding has really started to pay dividends in terms of our understanding and the application of it in problem solving.

English: We have started writing our own escape stories based around Wilbur’s escape in Charlotte’s Web. The quality of the writing so far has really impressed Mrs Hilton as we have already shown that we are trying really hard to include our current targets of writing a range of sentences including long ones to add details and short ones to create impact. As well as this, we have really worked hard to use our previous target of punctuating speech correctly.

The most impressive part of our work this week has been our Viking diaries that we have used to demonstrate our English skills through our topic work. We have worked really hard to produce a chatty diary that demonstrates clearly the reasons why the Vikings invaded and settled.

Or Star of the Week this week is Sophie for all the hard work that she has been putting in recently, particularly when trying to overcome difficulties with multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number using the short method. Her perseverance has really paid off and she is really developing her understanding using the counters for support. Great work, keep it up!

21st January 2019

Maths: This week we have continued to work on our multiplication skills – we have been extending our understanding so that we can multiply larger numbers by looking for links with our know tables, for example all the teens numbers can be multiplied by multiplying by ten plus multiplying by the “other bit”. Once we got our heads around it, it made things so much easier!

English: We’ve continued to work on our retelling of Charlotte’s Web and are really impressive – watch the video with this blog. We’ve also been working on our targets so we now understand about the use of pronouns and the differences between personal pronouns and possessive pronouns. Our next steps are our use of long and short sentences for effect which we are planning to use in our escape stories next week.

The most interesting part of our work this week was dramatising the journey the Vikings took from their homes and the decisions that they had to make. We used these decisions to create a drama which we are going to turn into a diary entry so we can explain why the Vikings invaded.

Our Star of the Week this week is Robbie or always working to the best of his ability and being a positive role model in all that he does. Well done Robbie and continue bringing your positive attitude and work ethic to school every day, it really is appreciated.

14th January 2019


Maths: This week we have again picked up the mantle of multiplication by 10. We have shown great understanding (after a wobbly start) of multiplying decimals by 10 so much so that when we came to dividing by 10, it became second nature. We are looking forwards to using our skills to multiply 2- and 3-digit numbers by single digits now we have done the groundwork.

English: In English, we started our work on Charlotte’s Web with a cold task, which involved telling the story of an animal escaping. We showed that we had good understanding of the different feelings that an animal might experience during and following an escape plan; however structuring the story was something that we struggled a bit with. To help with this we have started to learn a part of Charlotte’s Web. Take a look at the video of the first part of us learning the text.

The most interesting part of our work this week was starting our topic on The Vikings. This was enhanced by our Spanish work where we started to learn the names for the different periods in history from the Stone Age until the Vikings left.

Our Star of the Week this week is Jack for the positive attitude that he brings to the classroom each day. He has shown great enthusiasm for all the work completed this week and he has also been spotted being particularly kind and helpful during PE with Mrs Smith. Well done Jack and keep up your hard work and effort.

17th December 2018

Maths: This week we have continued to develop our multiplication skills by solving problems involving multiplying by multiples of 10. We then went on to discover what happens when you multiply by zero. Some of us found it really tricky to see that when you multiply a number by zero you finish up with zero. After a lot of modelling and heated discussion, we were all finally convinced that you didn’t end up with the number you started with and that that only happened when you multiplied by one!

English: We have continued to work on The Tree Giant – looking at the structure of the paragraphs, the use of topic sentences, how to structure a similar text into paragraphs as well as how to create our own relative clauses. Phew!! What a lot of work we have managed to cram in with a great deal of success – Mrs Hilton was very impressed with our work on relative clauses.

The most exciting part of our work this week, apart from our Enterprise project on Friday, was our visit to watch the KS1 nativity dress rehearsal. We all agreed at the end of it that we were proud of our younger siblings and that they had all done a brilliant job learning all the songs that they sang enthusiastically. Friday afternoon (enterprise afternoon) was also truly exciting because within the hour we had sold our entire stock of fifty hot choc cones and over twenty beautifully scented candles that Mrs Hilton and a small group had been busily making.

Our Star of the Week this week was Kye for the great enthusiasm and understanding that he has shown this week for both his maths and English work particularly. He has really impressed many members of staff with his helpful attitude and positivity to work, even when it can be a bit tricky.

10th December 2018

Maths: We have been working hard on out skills of multiplication by 10 and 100. We have really enjoyed watching how we can grow numbers by multiplying by multiples of ten. We went on to use this skills to manipulate our knowledge to see how what we know can be increased simply by multiplying (and dividing) by 10, 100, 1000 etc.

English: Our focus this week has been learning the text The Tree Giant following our cold task of writing a non-chronological report about worms. We have a really good understanding of the text itself and have started to look at how it is actually structured so that we can use the structure to help us write our own text about a Christmas elf (or giant).

The most interesting part of our work this week was when some parents managed to join us for this year’s Craft Morning. We had great fun creasing Christmas curved stitching. After a good dose of patience and help, we were all successful in out attempts to create a beautiful finished product which we will be turning into something for Christmas.

For the other part of the week, we started to think about our Christmas enterprise project and began designing our hot chocolate cones. We are so excited about making these and selling them next week to friends and family. Let’s hope we can make lots of profit.

Our Star of the Week this week Maddie because of the hard work and effort she continually puts into her work. This hard work and effort is enabling her to reap the rewards in terms of her understanding.

3rd December 2018

This week has been quite a tricky week as it has been assessment week but Mrs Hilton has been really proud of our studious work ethic and the positive attitude that we brought to the assessments. Our hard work has paid off, particularly with reading as we have really taken the opportunity to show off our skills. Great work!

Beyond our assessments, we have added the finishing touches to our Diva lamps which are looking amazing as they sit on the windowsill to welcome visitors to our classroom. We have also put the finishing touches to our poems based on the poem, The Coming of the Iron Giant. These turned out really well, particularly after our “Slow Write” as the final poem enabled us to really show off our skills – take a look at four of our poems.

The most interesting part of our work this week was having the opportunity to watch the F/S nativity performance, The Bossy King, which we loved. It was especially special as quite a few of us had siblings who were performing and we weren’t expecting to see it. We also really enjoyed sharing our projects with the class. Take a look at the range of things what we have managed to show, not forgetting the giant bourbon biscuit that we enjoyed, the giant cookie that we shared and the ginormous hot dog that Alfie ate (and shared with his sister!) at home.

Our Star of the Week this week is Malachai for the hard work and effort he has put into his poem particularly. The improvements he has made and the techniques that he has built into the poem has really impressed Mrs Hilton. Great work Malachai, keep up all your hard work and effort, it really is paying dividends.

26th November 2018

Welcome to the blog for 4ALW (Andrew Lloyd Webber) – yet another great, yet busy, week

Maths: This week we have continued to work on our measures focusing on perimeter. We have shown clear understanding of finding the perimeter of simple rectangular shapes. Building on this learning, we went on to find perimeters of rectilinear shapes. By using coloured pencils to mark the perimeters, we were able to easily find perimeters of all different shapes.

English: We have continued to build on our understanding of poetry by identifying alliteration, similes and rhyme in the poem “The Coming of the Iron Man” which we have then used to inspire our own poetry writing in our build up to writing our hot task. We have created our own giant robots, giving them particular jobs and characteristics that we have then used to generate our own similes, alliteration and rhyme. Some of us even tried to include rhythm – this was quite tricky!

The most interesting part of our work this week painting and decorating our diva lamps that we are really proud of.

Our Star of the Week this week is Charlotte for the way she has maintained her focus and shown true understanding of perimeter – measuring accurately and then going on to create her own rectilinear shapes with given perimeters. Keep up the hard work.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in their “Greatest” homework – so far we have enjoyed a giant cookie and a giant bourbon biscuit (Bradley’s Mum’s first attempt at cake making) and have had lots of fantastic projects. Watch out for some of the photos next week (assuming there’s space left in the classroom for them all!).

19th November 2018

Welcome to the blog for 4ALW (Andrew Lloyd Webber). It’s been another fantastic week in the life of 4ALW!

Maths: This week has seen us start work on measures and converting between metres and kilometres. After a very shaky start, we showed our true colours mastering converting between measures and applying our knowledge to bar models to calculate the differences between measures. This caused a few headaches but our perseverance and positive attitude came through ensuring that we gained a good deal of success.

English: Our work started with our cold task – writing a poem to describe the death of a giant robot. Many of us showed good understanding of what a poem needed and impressed Mrs Hilton with our initial input. However the bulk of our work this week has been around our visit to Magna and writing a recount following the visit.

The most interesting part of our work this week was our visit to Magna where we visited each of the four pavilions – Fire and Water certainly proved popular, as did making paint from oil, vinegar, egg yolks and smoked paprika! Some of us even whisked it so it was thick enough so, when the bowl was held over someone’s head, none of it came out.

This week also included anti-bullying week – we used the film “For The Birds” and thought about what made a good friend as well as starting the week by wearing our odd socks.


Our Star of the Week this week Daisy for the care and thought that she has put into her recount which has helped to create a piece of writing that will engage the reader. Well done Daisy.

12th November 2018

Maths: This week we have continued to work on our subtraction skills – we had lost some of our confidence when working with zeros. With a bit of persistence and effort, we have really gained that confidence again. So much so that we have been able to show off our skills in our hot task – we were all really pleased with our progress.

English: As this week has been Diwali, we have been using our English as a vehicle to learn about Diwali. We have shown great recall of the story of Rama and Sita that we then reduced to three key ideas which we have then turned into a comic strip to retell the story from. We have worked hard to create interesting comic styles, thinking about how the three elements of a comic come together to entertain the reader.

The most interesting part of our work this week making our poppy for Remembrance out of CDs. This will be put on the War Memorial in town as a gift from Carr Hill on Remembrance Sunday.

Our Star of the Week this week is Jake for the real effort that he has shown this week, following Parent’s Evening, to take on board the points that were made about presentation. Well done Jake for the improvements you have already made and keep up the hard work – it will pay off as you keep improving.

29th October 2018

Maths: This week we have been focusing on subtraction including exchanges. This was going really well until Mrs Hilton introduced zeros alongside the exchanges. After a few sticky moments and a lot of persistence, we have shown that we can master the skills necessary to deal with subtractions. We will be continuing with subtracting after half term but focusing on applying our addition and subtraction skills within worded problems and developing our reasoning further.

English: This week, we have focused the week on using our English skills within our topic work. This has involved understanding more about the Hindu religion and have imagined ourselves welcoming an important visitor into our homes. This was so that we could consider how we would use our five senses to welcome the visitors in a similar way to how Hindus would welcome a deity, such as Ganesha, into their lives.

The most interesting part of our work this week was the maths trail that we completed with the rest of Y4 on Thursday. We had to complete a series of calculations that would lead us, treasure hunt-like, to another calculation. Both Mr Haslam and Mrs Hilton were super-impressed with our maths skills, our cooperation and our independence during this activity.

Our Star of the Week this week is Freya for her super subtraction skills – she coped easily with dealing with zeros in her calculations and helped other students to improve their own levels of confidence. Keep up the hard work and positive attitude to your work!

22nd October 2018

Maths: Well this week has been all about adding numbers with up to 4-digits. We have proved ourselves to be brilliant at it, including when exchanging between the different values. This has meant that we have been able to really challenge ourselves with missing digits, which we soon got to grips with, along with reasoning and problem solving questions where we have had to explain our thinking. This has certainly improved as the week has gone on.

English: We have completed our “Jack and the Beanstalk” stories and have started to write them up as a “best” copy (some have been added to the blog) but have not been able to record them as yet. We have also been busy discussing who is to blame for the giant’s death. It was quite easy to come up with reasons why the different characters were to blame but to expand on these ideas in a letter proved to be a little trickier. We will continue to work on this during this week and hope to share some of our letters with you next week.

The most interesting part of our work this week was drawing our perspective giants that we are going to paint this next week. So far, the work we have done has proved to be effective and we are hoping that our painting skills will improve the work further.

Our Star of the Week this week is Daniel for the real effort that he has put into his handwriting and story writing. There have been some real improvements – keep up the hard work Daniel.

15th October 2018

Maths: We started the week with our hot task based on the work we have been doing on place value. WOW! We have learned so much and made some tremendous improvements – we were all really pleased with ourselves. Having completed our first unit, we have now moved onto the unit on addition and subtraction and subtraction is already proving to be the more tricky especially when you have to exchange between the different values.

English: As our ‘Marvellous Me’s show, we have really impressed Mrs Hilton with our stories based around the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk to the point that she laughed out loud when she was reading Kyla’s. We have continued to work hard on these, ensuring that we’ve not skipped a few paragraphs and are looking forward to writing the resolution and the ending so that we can present our favourite sections using our beautiful handwriting and also record a few of them to put on the blog. Watch this space!

The best bits about this week are that we have completed our poppies to take to Thoresby for the display that they are hoping to put up to commemorate the ending of the First World War and we performed brilliantly during our harvest assembly – we had all worked really hard to remember the harvest hymns and certainly sang with gusto.

Our Star of the Week this week is Amelia for the hard-working attitude that she displays on a daily basis alongside the extra work that she keeps doing at home to improve her skills. Well done Amelia and keep it up!

8th October 2018

Maths: This week we have been investigating numbers – we have built them with different materials including multilink, place value counters, diennes as well as money.  We have also looked at how numbers grow and how you can write them in different ways.

English: We have been rehearsing sentences with three actions.  This was quite tricky to begin with as we either wanted to include lots of characters doing different things or we only put two verbs together.  After refining and improving our sentences, not only did we create some super extended 3 part sentences, but we also added fronted adverbials to our sentences.

Our Star of the Week this week is Luke for the persistence he has shown towards all aspects of work – he has really impressed with his deepening understanding of speech, 3 part sentences as well as numbers to name but a few.  Keep up the hard work.

1st October 2018

Maths: This week we have been focussing on rounding. We have proven that we are quite competent at rounding numbers to 10 and 100 and have steadily improved our skills in rounding to 1000. The troubles occurred when we were given a number (e.g. 3256) that we had to round to 1000, 100 and 10 but with perseverance we have overcome these difficulties.

English: We have continued to work on our stories of Jack and the Beanstalk and preparing to write our own. First of all, we worked on including speech within inverted commas. Having demonstrated great skills, we then looked at how to write speech based around a drama that we had created. This proved to be a bit trickier as we had to remember the inverted commas, the punctuation, the reported speech phrase as well as a new line for each new piece of speech and is something we will continue working on.

This week we also enjoyed a session with the Road Safety team who played a game with us and asked us questions about different road signs and other things to do with travelling. It was a very close run game and team one won by two moves on the board. It was also European Day of Languages where we had lots of fun finding out how to say flute and drum in various languages including Romanian and Polish because we were fascinated by the languages our classmates speak at home.

Don’t forget to take a look at our video from Friday’s RE Day when we were learning about Ganesha and the celbrations that Hindus have to celebrate his birthday which was on Friday or the one of one of our “Extraordinary me” activity sessions where we are counting in tens using Roman numerals.

Our Star of the Week this week was Alfie for the persistence and resilience he showed to overcome the initial difficulties with rounding and to ensure that he was able to confidently round up to 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or to the nearest 100.

24th September 2018

Maths: This week we have complete a unit of work on Roman numerals. After the assessment, it was clear that none of us really understood Roman numerals and certainly weren’t able to create numbers using them. By the end of the week, we had mastered the basics to 100 and even gained success with numbers up to and beyond 1000. This was demonstrated on Friday when we joined together with the other two Y4 classes and completed an Indiana Jones style problem which we had to search for Roman numeral clues and translate them into Arabic numerals before recording them on a grid to decipher the clue. “This is lots of fun,” announced Owen part way through the work.

English: We have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. By the end of the week, we were really good at retelling the story using actions from our storymap. We have since begun to innovate the story – changing key elements of the story which we are going to use within our own stories once we have worked on the grammar elements related to our targets.

The most enjoyable part of this week was the theatre group who visited and performed the story of The Railway Children on Thursday afternoon. It was so wonderful to have a real theatre performance in school.

Our Stars of the Week this week are Levi and Kayla for the way they performed our storymap work - they took on a lead role and were both able to perform the story very confidently which helped to keep the class moving forward with the performance. Well done and thank you. Have a look at the video of our performance to see how brilliant we are.

We also won the attendance trophy this week as we had achieved 100% attendance for the week. Great work everyone!

17th September 2018

Maths: This week we have been brushing up on our calculation skills as we revisited the operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication in preparation for the work we will be doing this term around place value.  After a little bit of a reminder our addition skills have demonstrated our impressive skills, as have our subtraction skills.   Impressively, there are just a few of us who are still in need of a few reminders of how to deal with exchanging.  After a couple of reminders, we have started to recall how to multiply 2- and 3-digit numbers by one digit numbers and are in a fantastic position to develop this further when the time comes.

English: We have started our unit of work based around the theme of “The Greatest Escape” through the story of Jack and the Beanstalk which we have begun learning and have drawn the story map of.  Next week we will put our retelling of the story on the blog so you can see our fantastic retelling.

The most interesting part of our work this week was the investigating we’ve done with magnets.  We have included some of the photos that were taken showing how well we’ve worked together to discover and extend our knowledge and understanding.

Our Star of the Week this week is Agnes for the way she has really demonstrated the value of resilience when it comes to developing her skills.  After a confusing start to addition using a vertical method, she persisted, using the PV counters, until she really gained her confidence and could tackle both 2-digit and 3-digit additions without using the apparatus for support.  Well done Agnes and keep it up!