22nd January 2018

We have had a lovely afternoon, designing and creating pictures based on the title, ‘A Spring Garden’ for a competition run by The Rotary Club of Retford.  We chose which medium to use and focused on creating what we thought a garden during Spring may look like.  Fingers crossed we might have a winning entry.

Champion of the Week Photo.JPG

This week we learnt about the structure of volcanoes and recreated one using sand, wax and water.  It was great fun!  
In English we have read a poem called ‘The River’.  We identified the different poetic features, for example similes, metaphors, personification and adjectives.  We will be performing the poem over the next week and will be posting it on here!
Maths has been quite challenging this week, learning how to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number using the expanded method.  We all worked incredibly hard and had a positive growth mind-set, overcoming the learning barriers we faced.  
This week Ava was the ‘Champion of the Week’.  She has worked very hard at home to create booklets about maths and volcanoes, which she brought in to school to share with us.  In lessons Ava always tries her best and has worked extra hard in maths this week.  Well done Ava!

This week saw the introduction of our new ‘House Teams’.  Children have been divided into four different houses: Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst and Garnet.  They earn House Points both in and out of lessons, and these points are counted on a Friday morning.  The House with the most points wins a trophy for the week.  The winner this week was Diamond House.  Well done!

15th January 2018

We have had a super start to the Spring term after the relaxing Christmas break starting our new topic ‘Rock Stars’. This term we will be learning about the Earth’s structure, rocks and volcanoes.  We designed and painted pictures of erupting volcanoes, focusing on using the paint to create an erupting, three-dimensional effect.  The children did very well and produced some outstanding art work.

In English we have been focusing on persuasive writing and have written a letter to a girl called Lily, trying to persuade her to let Frosty the Snowman out of her freezer.  
We have been revising multiplying by 10 and 100, working in groups to use our knowledge of times tables to help us work out the answers to problems.

REMINDER: The same group of children who went swimming in the Autumn term are continuing until further notice.  They will need to bring their swimming kit every Thursday.

Champion of the Week Photo.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Colby, who has listened attentively throughout the week and really worked hard when answering questions on a reading comprehension. Well done Colby!

18th December 2017

We have had great fun selling our products at the Christmas Enterprise last Wednesday.  We actually sold out of everything and had to take orders for the candles we had decorated.  If you have ordered a candle these will be sent home next week before the end of term.  We haven’t got a total for the profit made yet as we are still fulfilling orders. We will let you know the grand total made as soon as possible.

We have ‘bombed’ our model Anderson shelters to see if they could withstand a 1kg weight being dropped from one metre onto them.  Only five models were damaged during the ‘bombing raid’.  All of the other models withstood the attack and the occupants survived safely.  Well done children for all of your hard work at home designing and making the models.

In Maths we have continued applying our knowledge of the two and four times tables to solve division and multiplication problems.  Next week we move onto practising our eight times tables.  Children may like to practise the eight times table at home in preparation.  Children can practise their Maths and English skills using ‘Purple Mash’ which they can log onto at home.  There are many fun games and activities for them to do.


Samuel is our ‘Champion of the Week’ because he has made excellent progress throughout the term and scored the highest mark on the reading test we did last week. Well done Samuel for all of your hard work, keep it up!

We gained 13 handshakes this week.  After Christmas the ‘Handshake Award’ will be replaced by a new system that the School Council has created.