9th July 2018


This week we found out who our teachers will be in September 2018.  It was very exciting to spend the day with our new class, and we did lots of fun activities including drawing members of our families in a style which linked to ‘The Beatles’, spending time in our new classrooms and finding out where resources are kept which we will need to help us in our lessons, as well as writing about ourselves, targets and dreams to help our new teacher find out more about us.  Of course Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown are very sad to see us move to a new class after having a fun-filled year with us!


We were very lucky to have some extra PE lessons this week with Mr Bell.  We played a version of rounders called ‘football rounders’, which involved kicking the ball instead of hitting it. It was great fun!

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Lily for her continued hard work and effort in lessons.  Well done Lily, keep it up!


As the hot weather continues, please can we remind you to send children to school with a water bottle every day, as well as a sun-hat of some sort.

2nd July 2018

This week we have spent some of our ‘Attendance Vouchers’ which we have earnt when the class have had a weekly attendance of over 98%.  We spent two vouchers on a non-school uniform day, 1 voucher on chocolate pudding for everyone and a real treat of a cup of hot chocolate with either cream or milk, and marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.  It was yummy!

We have continued learning about time and have applied our knowledge to solve problems and focused upon explaining our reasoning using the correct mathematical language.  There is a time game on ‘Purple Mash’ which the children can access and play to improve their knowledge of time.

In topic we were set the challenge to design and make a structure which would protect a chocolate teacake when it was dropped from a height of one metre.  This was linked to our Science work on bones, as the chocolate teacake represented our heart and the structure we made was the bones which protected it.  We were only allowed to use straws, paper, one metre of sellotape and card.

“We enjoyed making the structure for the heart.  Our teacake cracked a little bit but protected the teacake quite well.” Brooke.

“Our structure was squashed because we didn’t put anything around it.” Charlotte.

We have made some ‘Butterfly Sweetie Bags’ for our Summer Enterprise Project.  These are full of delicious sweeties like mini marshmallows, tangy twists and chocolate buttons.  They will be on sale at break-times for 50 pence each.  You can send money to school with your child if they wish to purchase one.  They will sell quickly so don’t wait!

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Poppy, who has really worked hard to improve her comprehension skills, and can now select the key words in a question and then scan the text to find the answer.  Well done Poppy!

Spelling Bees.JPG

We have two new ‘Spelling Bee Champions’, Ava and Poppy.  Well done for increasing your scores in a spelling test.  Keep practising!

25th June 2018

This week we have had lots of fun cooking and tasting Indian food.  We made our own samosa’s by putting a range of ingredients in pastry, for example spices, peas, carrots or sweetcorn.  Then folding the pastry carefully to create a parcel shape before putting them in the oven.

We also had the opportunity to taste a range of Indian foods including poppadum’s, mango chutney, curry sauce, pitta bread and naan bread. 

In English we have completed our ‘Hot Task’ by writing a set of instructions to show how to care for a stone-age animal.  We had to try and include a subordinating clause, imperative verbs and prepositions.  Look out for our wonderful work in next week’s blog!

Spelling Bee Champions.JPG

We have two new ‘Spelling Bee Champions’ who both scored 9 and out of 10 in a spelling test.  Well done!

Champion of the Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Daniel, who has been working really hard on his handwriting and trying to ensure his letters are of equal size.  Well done Daniel, keep up the hard work!

18th June 2018

This week has been ‘Road Safety Awareness Week’ and we have taken part in many different activities which focuses upon this.

We designed posters to encourage Parents and Carers to park further away from the school gates.  We thought about including a catchy slogan and eye-catching pictures to encourage drivers to think before they park.  Charlotte’s design won the Year 3 Poster Design Competition and is on display outside the school gates.

The Fire Service visited the school, allowing us the opportunity to climb on board one of their vehicles as well as learning about the different roles a fire person has.  We had the chance to look at the different equipment fire people carry, as well as what they have on board a fire engine.  They explained what they were allowed to do, as well as what they weren’t.

The Police also visited the school, patrolling the area immediately outside the gates before and after school, as well as bringing two of their vehicles into the playground.

The ‘Air Ambulance’ also flew overhead as low as it could, but unfortunately it didn’t have permission to land.  
We have created a set of instructions to help others learn how to cross the road safely, and we are shared these with children in Nursery.

We went out onto the field and identified the stopping distance for a car travelling at 30 and 50 mph. Whilst doing this we realised that at those distances a car was about the same size as our thumbs. So, thumbs up to road safety, and it also gave us a guide for whether it is safe to cross the road.
Field Activities Photos