20th November 2017

This week in PE we have learnt how to dance the ‘Charleston’.  It was great fun learning the different moves.  Click on the video below to see our wonderful dancing!

It was ‘Children In Need’ this week and we raised money by coming to school dressed for the occasion, wearing something spotty.  Mrs Parsons also baked her lovely ‘Pudsey Biscuits’ which were delicious!

This week has also been ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ where across the country both children and adults have focused their thoughts on how to prevent bullying.  We watched a short video clip called ‘Daisy Chain’ which was about a little girl who wanted to brighten up her local park and unfortunately a group of children had other ideas.  We discussed the meaning of bullying and how our words and actions affect others.  Some fantastic discussion and work was produced by the children.  Well done Class 3ES!

Spelling Bee Champions Photo.JPG

3ES have been working hard to improve their spelling and we have three new ‘Spelling Bee Champions’. Well done Joel, Olivia and Ben for all of your hard work learning your spellings.

Champion of the Week Photo.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Kye for his continuous hard work and effort in lessons, especially Guided Reading. He listens carefully and is always ready to share his answers and ideas with others. Well done Kye!

We earnt another ‘Attendance Award Certificate’ this week and had 6 handshakes.

13th November 2017

This week we were transported back in time to World War II when we visited Beaumanor Hall.  

From the moment we stepped off the coach we took on the role of evacuees and took part in a series of exciting activities including shopping for a set meal using ration books and money from that era, decoding urgent messages to find out what the German army had planned and going into an air raid shelter to take shelter from a bombing raid.

Children deciphering messages to discover the plans of the German army. 

Planning a meal and shopping using a ration book.

All of the children had a fantastic time and were a pleasure to take.  Thank you to Mrs Powell and Mrs Reay for giving up their time to accompany our group.
This week we gained 14 handshakes and earnt another ‘Attendance Award Certificate’.  Well done 3ES!

6th November 2017

Welcome back after the half-term break.  Class 3ES have been hard at work continuing learning about World War II.

We have designed and created some amazing pictures using paints, black paper and chalk which show a skyline during ‘The Blitz’.  The children blended red and yellow to paint a background, then drew the outline of buildings on black paper to create an outline when glued onto their background.  The children accurately used rulers to ensure their buildings had straight lines and worked very hard to cut their designs out carefully.  Well done to the whole class for all their hard work!

In English we have been studying poems about World War II and practising blocking out words to create our own poems.  We are going to be presenting these over the next week so watch this space to see our finished work.

Champion of The Week Photo.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Charlotte for her continued enthusiasm and positive attitude in lessons. She always approaches tasks with the aim of completing them to the best of her ability. Well done Charlotte for all of your hard work! Keep it up!

In Maths children have been drawing on their existing knowledge of adding one, two and three-digit numbers and have practised using the extended column method and short formal written methods.  Why not ask your child to show you what they have been doing in maths?  
Time Travelling Trip on Monday 6th November

A quick reminder about the trip to St Swithun’s Church on Monday 6th November.  Please ensure children are dressed warmly but in school uniform, and have appropriate foot wear and a warm coat as they will be walking to the church and back.  They will need a pack lunch with a drink.  No glass bottles please.

We earnt 10 handshakes this week.

23rd October 2017

We are continuing to learn about World War II and this week started researching what life was like during ‘The Blitz’.  Each group was given a pack of photographs and was asked to study them carefully then answer a series of questions.  The children enjoyed working together to find clues in the pictures and successfully answered the questions.

A quick reminder about the ‘Anderson Shelter Project’ that children can complete if they wish to.  Models must not be made out of wood or plastic and will be tested using a 1kg weight.  
Anderson Shelter Project Details

Our work on ‘Rose Blanche’ has drawn to a close by completing a ‘Hot Task’ which involved using an image to write a piece of descriptive writing.  Watch this space for examples of the children’s wonderful work!

Champion of The Week.JPG

Our ‘Champion of the Week’ is Thomas who has shown a positive attitude in class when tackling new concepts which he doesn’t always find easy.  He was very enthusiastic to start his ‘Hot Task’ and encouraged the rest of the class to follow his example of having a positive attitude.