23rd June 2017

Our attendance this week was 96.8% 

This week we have been focusing on our story writing.  We watched a film from The Literacy Shed called the present where a young boy receives a dog with just three legs as a present from his mum.  He is not impressed and throws the puppy to the floor while carrying on with his computer game.  Eventually the puppy persuades the boy to interact with him and they go out to play together.  It is only at this point that we discover the boy has had the lower part of his leg removed and uses crutches to get around.

In maths we have continued to work on our Theme Park project.  So far we have decided on the price of the tickets and used this to calculate our profits (and losses) based on different numbers of visitors.  We are almost now at the point of entering the second year of opening when we can start to add extra rides and things by investing our profits into the business.

This week, our handshakes total was 6 but we have already received one towards next week’s total!

Our Star of the Week this week was Charlie for the way he has worked on his presentation of the role of Lord Carnarvon in our Y6 end of year production, Glint of Gold.  He showed super confidence performing his lines and has thought carefully about how the character might move and behave.  Great work.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the performance though because you could all have been this week’s star – you have worked incredibly hard to learn lines and dramatization.  Well done!