19th June 2017

Welcome to 6 Nelson Mandela Blog (Mrs Hilton-Loom’s class)

In English this week we have watched a film about a boy who is given the gift of a puppy who is very friendly and keen to play. However the boy isn’t impressed as the puppy only has three legs so he throws it to one side. The twist to the story is that the boy has lost his lower leg and so the puppy reminds him of himself. We are showing off our descriptive skills and dialogue skills when writing our short stories.

In maths we have talked about the properties of numbers and shapes - working with a partner we had to decide what the links between a set of four numbers (or shapes) were. Once we had decided on their similarities, we had to describe them using the terms All, Some and None. Some were most definitely easier to spot than others. We were also given the sets and had to decide what numbers fitted the criteria which we found a little bit easier.

The other main focus of our week this week was the play – we had lots of fun auditioning for the different parts and Miss Footitt, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Hilton-Loom were really impressed (and often surprised) by some of the auditions.  Well done to everybody, let’s work together now to make it a fabulous performance on 14th July.

This week, our handshakes total was 6 – a much better achievement than last week’s efforts!

Our Star of the Week this week is Corey for the heart and soul he puts into every performance task that is given. Within a group this week, he has performed a super extract from a poem about mummification and his audition was fantastic.  Well done and continue to use this aspect of your personality whenever possible.