12th June 2017

Partake Experience:
On Monday 6th we took part in an Egyptian information lesson run by a man called Mr Adby. In the first lesson we had a look at and smelt a range of spices which include: cinnamon which was used to sweeten the bread; frankincense was used for soaps because of its powerful smell and there was cumin which was also used for food.
After that, Mr Adby chose one of the girls to do there makeup and dress them like a High Priestess. First he applied goose fat and chalk powder (white face paint). He then made the eyes look like the Eye of Horus which was to ward off evil spirits using a black rock called fool’s silver (black eyeliner) and crushed blue agate (blue eyeshadow).  Finally he applied crushed red ochre (red lipstick) mixed with goose fat to the lips.  This would have moisturised the lips in the heat of the day.
In the afternoon, we completed a dramatical retelling of the burial of Prince Seti, the younger brother of the Pharaoh.  He was just 12 years old.  We had to dance around and say prayers to prepare him for the afterlife.  We also had to pretend to carry out the mummification of his body.  Finally we sailed his body down the Nile to his tomb where he was buried with all the objects that he would need in the afterlife including a hippo toy, his mummified hawk and the canopic jars with his organs in.
It was a fabulous day and we learned so much about the Egyptians because of it.

This week, our handshakes total was a dismal 0.  We are aiming for more next week.

Our Star of the Week this week is the person who was the High Priestess during the Partake visit.   This is because you were the brave person who volunteered to become the model for the Egyptian make-up and consequently the High Priestess during the funeral procession – well done for being brave enough to volunteer.