24th April 2017

Our attendance this week was 97.4% 

This week we have been preparing for our SATs test which are getting ever nearer.  We have sat the 2016 SATs papers for reading, SPaG and mathematics during the week and are really pleased with the knowledge and skills that we have been able to demonstrate.

In topic we have started to find out about The Ancient Egyptians which has really captured our imaginations.  We have been comparing the Egypt of the modern world with that of the ancient world to gain an understanding of how the two together help to make Egypt one of the top places to visit still.

We have also planted our potatoes in the hope that we might be able to successfully grow some funny shaped potatoes as we have no chance of competing against Mr Grayson’s whose plants are already well out of the ground with plenty of leaves!

This week, our handshakes total was 29 which meant we won the Class of the Week trophy – this is the first time Mrs Hilton has ever been in the winning class!

Our Star of the Week this week is Abigail for the superb work that she has completed over several weeks to ensure that she is in the best place to be successful in her SATs in a few weeks.  Well done Abi, continue to grow in confidence and believe in yourself and your skills.