20th March 2017

Our attendance this week was 98.6% 

In Maths this week we have been trying to master the art of drawing pie charts.  We successfully managed to interpret them and were able to see links with the fractions and decimals work that we had covered in the previous week; however drawing them caused a few tricky moments.  Perseverance won in the end and we gained success with them.  We also looked at averages and finding the mean.  This was a quick recap and proved that our skills are sharp as we quickly gained success.

Our English this week has continued to focus on the storm scene in Kensuke’s Kingdom.  We have developed our use of colons to introduce a list, remembering that we need to use a main clause before the colon.  We also considered further our use of verbs – could we use violent verbs and alliteration to add extra description to our writing, creating even more spectacular effects?  Yes was the definitive answer!

This week, our handshakes total was 8.

Our Star of the Week this week is Georgia for the superb attitude she has to blogging – she has certainly taken to the idea of being able to share her thoughts, opinions and experiences via the internet.  Keep up the good work!