6th February 2017

ENGLISH: This week has been all about assessments but we have continued with our work on Kensuke’s Kindgdom and using abstract nouns.  WE are still finding this quite tricky, but Mrs Hilton was very impressed when we used phrases like “despite my embarrassment,  I …” which showed our clear understanding of abstract nouns.

MATHS: After three maths assessments had been completed, we spent the rest of our maths time discussing a variety of mastery questions about algebra.  Rms Hilton was very impressed with the speed that we were able to solve the problems and the improved explanations that we were able to give.  Great work!

The Star of the Week is Charlotte B for the absolutely fantastic improvements she has made in her maths assessments.  This is solely down to her superb attitude and application to each and every lesson.  Keep it up and continue to reap the benefits.
We got 9 handshakes
Our attendance is 99.4%