30th February 2017

ENGLISH: in English we have been learning about the book by Michael Morpurgo named Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have been using the book to inspire our descriptive writing.  We have been set the tasks of writing using conjunctions, prepositional phrases and adjectives to replace the adjective “blue”.  We have really succeeded in this work; however using abstract nouns caused us a little more difficulties.  It is something we will continue working on.

MATHS: in maths we have been learning about algebra! This sounds scary and that was our first thought when we started it, but then we realised algebra just means missing numbers.  Sometimes the missing numbers are shapes like stars and empty boxes, other times they are letters.  Examples of these sorts of questions are: 1a+2b = work it out for yourself, if you please, when a=10 b=58.

ICT: in ICT we have been creating a set of top trumps based on islands in the Azores and the Cape Verde islands. Also we have had a lesson by the NSPCC to do with internet safety and all kinds of abuse which is not ok — remember to “Speak out”!

Topic: In topic we have been creating an origami duck and pig—these have been really quite tricky, but perseverance won in the end!  Also, we have been studying some of the places visited by Michael in Kensuke’s Kingdom including Brazil and Australia, producing our own advertising posters for Table Mountain National Park and Aboriginal style pictures of snakes
The Star of the Week is Kian for the impressive work that he has done when multiplying two digit numbers by one digit numbers using place value counters both with support and, over time, independently.  Great work Kian!
We got 6 handshakes

Our attendance is 98.1% which is good attendance.