13th February 2017

This week in English we have been working to improve our descriptive writing, including details such as collective nouns and writing complex sentences using subordinate clauses to start them.  We also investigated how we could use repetition to develop tension within our work.  We have certainly improved our descriptive writing over the last three weeks—we just now need to continue to use these techniques within our independent writing!

This week we have been using ratios to compare different quantities.  After a tricky start, we really got to grips with understanding how : is used in maths to mean for every. By the end of the week, we were able to identify the relationship between ratio and proportion and how this is written as a fraction of the whole as well as solving a wide range of problems that involved ratio. 

This week we have begun to develop our artistic skills further, linking them to our work on Kensuke’s Kingdom as we have begun to paint landscapes of Uncle John’s sheep farm using watercolours.  We have developed techniques such as layering the paint and using it as a wash to create backgrounds.  Hopefully these will continue to improve as we add the details in next week.

The Star of the Week is Jacob for the persistence and positive attitude that he has shown to our art work.   He was enthusiastic in his desire to improve his own skills and to attempt to implement the techniques and guidance that was suggested.  Well done and keep up the enthusiasm Jacob—it will ensure you continue to improve your skills. 
We got 13 handshakes
Our attendance is 98.7%