23rd January 2017

English:  In English this week we have continued to work on our poetry and how to interpret different forms of poetry in the form of song lyrics.  We used our inference and deductive skills to interpret comprehension questions at the beginning of the week and then adapted them to understand the meaning behind the song “Firework” by Katie Perry.  After initially thinking it was about a break up and relationships, we dug a little deeper and considered the metaphors more closely to realise that it was encouraging us to aspire to achieve our best.

Maths: In maths we have developed our work on measures to include work on area and perimeter, with some of us developing this further into volume.  We understand that area of rectilinear shapes can be found by multiplying the two side of a rectangle (or multiple rectangles if it is a composite shape) and we discovered that the area of triangles can be found by finding half the area of the rectangle that it can be made into.

We have finally had success with our origami and have all successfully created origami pigs – not an easy feat by achieved at last!

This week, we earned 5 handshakes.

Our attendance was 99.7%

Our Star of the Week is Bob for the superb way he has applied his understanding of area, volume and perimeter to SATs questions.  He has worked diligently and accurately on a range of questions demonstrating real understanding of some quite tricky mathematical concepts.  Well done and keep demonstrating your understanding by explaining how you have solved the questions.