16th January 2017

English:  This week we have been looking at and interpreting a range of different poems, many of them were new to us at the beginning of the week.  We found it quite tricky to begin with to understand much of the vocabulary that was used and to interpret the poets’ ideas; however the more pieces of poetry we have worked on to presentation standard, the easier we have found them to interpret and understand.  Mrs Hilton-Loom is really pleased with the work we have put into performing the poems On the Ning, Nang, Nong by Spike Milligan and Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.  Why don’t you have a look at our videos of these performances?

Maths: In maths, our focus has been on measuring with both metric and imperial measures.  We have focused this week on using different units of length and how to convert between the different units.  Some of us have even been converting between miles and kilometers using the fractional equivalent 1mile = 8/5 km – this was really quite tricky, but we mastered it in the end!  We really do need to remember these units, so please feel free to ask us at any time – these are the ones we have been trying to secure:
10mm = 1cm
100cm = 1m
1000mm = 1m
1000m = 1 km
1500m = 1 mile (approx.)
5 miles = 8km
12” = 1’
3’ = 1 yard
Capacity (liquids):
100ml = 1cl
1000ml = 1L
5ml = 1 teaspoon
300ml = can of pop
1L = bottle of squash
2L = carton of milk
1pint = 500ml (approx.)

1000g = 1kg
1000kg = 1 metric tonne
16oz = 1lb
14lbs = 1 stone

This week, we earned 7 handshakes.

Our attendance was 96.1%

Our Star of the Week is Nikodem for the super attitude he has displayed towards the performance poetry.  He also impressed with the fantastic way he shared ideas and used super expression during the performance of Jabberwocky. Well done and keep up this super attitude to your learning.

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