19th September 2016

This week in English we have been writing about Victorian jobs. We began by researching and making notes about some of the different jobs Victorian children were expected to do.  The jobs we found our about were: Coal mine worker, factory worker, farm work, sailor boy, chimney sweep and servant or maid.  We have been revising how to use adverbial phrases and are expected to use these in our writing about Victorian jobs to effectively link our ideas.

This week we have revising doing place value. We have made a lot of use of place value grids to help us understand the relationship between the digits and the values of amounts in different numbers.  This helped when we can to rounding, although as the numbers got larger so did the rounding!

We began our Victorian topic work with a Victorian school day where we visited each of the classes in turn and we taught a Victorian-style lesson by each teacher: Mrs Hilton led a Victorian maths lesson, Mr Nunn a lesson on the British Empire, Mr Rice instructed us on British monarchs and an object lesson with Mr Beswarick. 

On Friday it was Roald Dahl day!!!  There were some amazing costumes and  we had lots of fun recreating some of Quentin Blake’s illustrations for Roald Dahl’s books.

Some of our amazing costumes and characters for Roald Dahl Day!

Our star of the week is Jak for being the newest member of our class and settling into the routines and expectations of Carr Hill like a pro!  Well done Jak and keep up the hard work—your English and Maths work so far has certainly impressed.

Our attendance this week was 98.2%. 

This week we earned 12 handshakes and shared the “Class of the Week” trophy with Mr Rice’s class.