5th December 2016

English: This week in English we have been writing an explanation text to the Youth Hostel Association about the floor at the Ironbridge YHA café.  We were looking at improving the flooring as it can be slippery when food is spilled so the test we carried out has formed part of our report.  We have also completed our SPAG assessment.

Maths: In maths we have been looking at how to answer SATs style questions when working with fractions.  We have also been looking at how to multiply and divide fractions by whole numbers and fractions.  This was quite tricky to begin with but at the end of the week we seemed to have become real experts.

ICT: we have just finished our scratch projects and started to create a PowerPoint about the enterprise challenge – watch out for further details of what we are planning.

This Week we got 5 handshakes

This week’s Star of the Week is…..Jack Ne for the positive way he has approached the work on fractions.   He has shown real understanding and perseverance with some tricky work, even beginning to explain what he is doing to help others to understand the concept of dividing fractions by fractions.  Well done Jack – keep it up!