12th December 2016

English:  In English we have been completing a lot of tests, or at least it feels like a lot!   There has been a SPAG paper and a reading paper. The SPAG test involved things like prepositions; main, subordinate and relative clauses and a lot of other complicated things. 

Maths: In maths we have been doing more tests ! These tests involved arithmetic and reasoning tests. We need to begin to work more quickly and accurately on our arithmetic to improve our overall results.
Art: In art we have been focusing on making a dove calendar. We are going to make this by adding small pieces of paper that we have been cutting for the last two art lessons we have had. When we have finished out before gluing the pieces of paper onto the dove and the dove will look really good.

Our Star of the Week is Ethan. They have been chosen as the Star of the Week because of the mature attitude that they have displayed during the assessment process and the consistently positive attitude to work which has been demonstrated through their personal improvements in their abilities.  Well done, Ethan, keep it up! 

We got 6 handshakes.