7th November 2016

Maths - In maths we have been revising using the bus stop method for division.  For example, 2364 divided by 14. We have also looked at using long multiplication, for example 1357 x 21.  We have also been using our knowledge of multiplication to create linked facts.  For example, if we know 12 x 2 = 24 then we also know 12 x 20 = 240 and 120 x 20 = 1200.

English - In English we learned about the differences between clauses and phrases and how to recognise main and subordinate clauses.  We then learned how to add in relative clauses to our writing.  We were really quite good at the exercises where we had to drop in a clause that is related to the main clause using the words:
whose, who, where, while, which
but it was more difficult when it came to adding them into our general writing.

School Council – this week we had the exciting job of putting ourselves forwards for the position of school councillor and seeking nominees and seconders.  We then had to explain to the class why we would be good at it before voting in the library to ensure that it remained a secret ballot.  We had ten people who wanted to represent our class but Corey was voted as our councillor with Matthew being voted as the vice.  Well done to both boys.

We also began our work with Take 5 – ask us about it.

This week we have earned 28 handshakes – we are still counting them and will finally hand in the total next Friday – fingers crossed, Attendance was 100%! Well done everyone!

Our Star of the Week this week is Jack L for the effort and understanding that he has shown with this week’s English and Maths and also the change of attitude that he has had regarding being one of our Green Warriors – well done to Sophie as well because she is our other representative.