28th November 2016

English: in English we have been working on phrases including noun phrases, verb phrases and prepositional phrases. After we had a good idea of what the phrases are, we included them in sentences that we were given. 

Mathematics: In mathematics we have been focusing on fractions. We have been  adding them and subtracting them. Some people worked with Mrs. Gator to apply their knowledge of fractions to a variety of situations.

French: In French we have been carrying on with our project which is to create a leaflet about Retford in the past and in the present.

This week we got 15 handshakes and attendance was 95.5%
This week  Georgie is Star of the Week for her persistence in approaching the work on fractions which she did not find easy to begin with.  Her hard work paid off in the end as she was able to convert fractions successfully and with some confidence by the end of the week. Well done.

Written by Jack No and Ethan