21st November 2016

English: in English we have been focusing on using colons and semi-colons correctly in our work.  These can be a bit tricky, but we know that colons introduce lists and further explanations while semi-colons are used in place of a conjunction or to separate more detailed items in a list.

Mathematics: This week, we have been comparing fractions.  To do this, we have to remember that fractions can only be compared when they are above the same denominator, otherwise we have to find an equivalent fraction.  We know that we use our knowledge of multiples and factors to do this.

Anti-bullying: This week has been anti bullying week and we have been creating our own posters to represent why we/you should not bully others. Be a buddy, not a bully. 
Children in need (Pudsey Bear Day):  There was an inter-class competition and as Year 6, we chose dodgeball for their challenge. We played against Mr Nunn’s class during lesson1, but unfortunately were unable to beat them.  We’re sure that many other Y6s would agree, it was lots of fun.

By Charlotte B

By Matthew

By Clayton

By Clayton

The Potato Bus: Throughout this week and next week there is a very unfamiliar bus in our playground. In the potato bus we have been learning all about potatoes. We have learnt about how potatoes are grown, how they are planted, how they are watered if there isn’t enough rain and how they are watered. We also got to sample some potatoes with herbs and spices on them to have a different taste. 

The Star of the Week is Frankie for being a truly positive member of our class.  She can be relied upon to work hard and try her best in all areas – truly giving it her all at the end of the inter-class dodgeball match as the last player standing for our team.  Well done Frankie and continue being the positive member of class that you are. 

We have 17 Handshakes and attendance was 96.8%