14th November 2016

English: This week in English we have clearing up some misconceptions with apostrophes.   The final activity with this involved wandering around the school being the SPAG police.  We had to find the apostrophe crime scenes and then correct the errors.

Mathematics: In maths we have been working on problems with division. We have had choices of mild questions (less hard), hot (hard) and spicy (really hard).   We have also used our different mathematical skills and knowledge to solve a range of problems, some that included large numbers.

Topic: In topic we have been learning about friction. We have learnt about the different types of friction such as rolling, fluid, static and sliding friction. We are going to carry out a test to find out which substance would be the best for flooring.

Spellings this week – we have been looking at the difference between practice (the noun) and practise (the verb).  We also used other nouns and verbs that follow the same rule: advice/advise, device/devise, licence/license.

The Star of the week is: Jack No. because he demonstrates a fantastic attitude to all lessons and he is reaping the rewards for his super attitude.

This week we earned a total of 50 handshakes but don’t get too excited because twenty-eight of them were rolled over from last week! However we do get to share the “Class of the Week” trophy as one of the classes with the highest number of handshakes. Attendance this week was 98.1%