10th October 2016

In maths we have been working on using the  bar model. To help us visualise calculations.  This was very tricky to begin with because we weren’t sure how to represent calculations with an image to begin with but, having persevered, we eventually began to see how useful it can be.

In English we have been learning the story Red Eye. We are focusing on this story because we are learning to use suspense in  our writing and this story includes suspense.  We also looked at the words in the story and how familiar words can be used in an unfamiliar setting  and how we can interpret them using the context of the story.  

Harvest Festival:
We have been practising for  our harvest assembly. We have been learning the songs Autumn Days and Harvest Rock and Roll.  

Star of the week:
The star of the week this week was Jack L.  He was one of the children who found it quite tricky to  understand the bar model, but his open mind-set enabled him to approach the tasks believing that he didn’t get it—YET! thus ensuring over the week he slowly gained confidence and understanding

This week we received 5 handshakes and attendance was 96.9%