19th June 2017

Welcome to 6 Nelson Mandela Blog (Mrs Hilton-Loom’s class)

In English this week we have watched a film about a boy who is given the gift of a puppy who is very friendly and keen to play. However the boy isn’t impressed as the puppy only has three legs so he throws it to one side. The twist to the story is that the boy has lost his lower leg and so the puppy reminds him of himself. We are showing off our descriptive skills and dialogue skills when writing our short stories.

In maths we have talked about the properties of numbers and shapes - working with a partner we had to decide what the links between a set of four numbers (or shapes) were. Once we had decided on their similarities, we had to describe them using the terms All, Some and None. Some were most definitely easier to spot than others. We were also given the sets and had to decide what numbers fitted the criteria which we found a little bit easier.

The other main focus of our week this week was the play – we had lots of fun auditioning for the different parts and Miss Footitt, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Hilton-Loom were really impressed (and often surprised) by some of the auditions.  Well done to everybody, let’s work together now to make it a fabulous performance on 14th July.

This week, our handshakes total was 6 – a much better achievement than last week’s efforts!

Our Star of the Week this week is Corey for the heart and soul he puts into every performance task that is given. Within a group this week, he has performed a super extract from a poem about mummification and his audition was fantastic.  Well done and continue to use this aspect of your personality whenever possible.

12th June 2017

Partake Experience:
On Monday 6th we took part in an Egyptian information lesson run by a man called Mr Adby. In the first lesson we had a look at and smelt a range of spices which include: cinnamon which was used to sweeten the bread; frankincense was used for soaps because of its powerful smell and there was cumin which was also used for food.
After that, Mr Adby chose one of the girls to do there makeup and dress them like a High Priestess. First he applied goose fat and chalk powder (white face paint). He then made the eyes look like the Eye of Horus which was to ward off evil spirits using a black rock called fool’s silver (black eyeliner) and crushed blue agate (blue eyeshadow).  Finally he applied crushed red ochre (red lipstick) mixed with goose fat to the lips.  This would have moisturised the lips in the heat of the day.
In the afternoon, we completed a dramatical retelling of the burial of Prince Seti, the younger brother of the Pharaoh.  He was just 12 years old.  We had to dance around and say prayers to prepare him for the afterlife.  We also had to pretend to carry out the mummification of his body.  Finally we sailed his body down the Nile to his tomb where he was buried with all the objects that he would need in the afterlife including a hippo toy, his mummified hawk and the canopic jars with his organs in.
It was a fabulous day and we learned so much about the Egyptians because of it.

This week, our handshakes total was a dismal 0.  We are aiming for more next week.

Our Star of the Week this week is the person who was the High Priestess during the Partake visit.   This is because you were the brave person who volunteered to become the model for the Egyptian make-up and consequently the High Priestess during the funeral procession – well done for being brave enough to volunteer.

29th May 2017

Our attendance this week was 93.6% 

We, we finally finished our “Space” shopping centre project – we discovered how to find the profit we could make based on different configurations of visitors arriving and paying to park in the carpark(s).  We also realised that the number of facilities where customers could spend their money had a direct impact on the amount of profit we made as they would generate the greatest costs but also generate the greatest interest to our customers.  This is really helping us as we begin a new project – building a theme park where we have £500,000 to spend on the design and build element.

In English this week, we have continued with the writing theme – we researched the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter.  Once we had discovered lots of information about this, we were given the task of writing it in the form of a newspaper article.  Now we have finished drafting and redrafting our articles, we have begun to type them up using word so that we can write in columns and include photographs with captions.

This week, our handshakes total was 5 – a bit disappointing, especially when compared with the total earned by Miss Footitt’s class.

Our Star of the Week this week is Kyle.  I have been really impressed with the persistence that you have shown in reating your space shopping centre and the way you have worked with a partner to begin your work on your theme park. Continue to work hard and you will reap the rewards.

Working on our maths project.

22nd May 2017

Our attendance this week was 95.4% 

This week things were more back to normal thank goodness after the stress of SATs week.  We began work on a maths project where we have been given £5000 to spend on building a space shopping centre.  We worked hard to design an effective site with all the amenities visitors might need and have just worked out what the daily costs will be.  This has allowed us to calculate the number of visitors we need to park their space buggies in our carparks in order to make a profit.

In English we have been finishing the work we started on balanced arguments, the title of which was £Should Year 6 do SATs?” which, as you can imagine, caused a heated discussion.  We have been using the SURPRISES method to help us edit or work even more effectively.  Hopefully Mrs. Hilton-Loom will be really impressed with the improvements we’ve made.

The highlight of our week though was the visit on Thursday of the fire service.  The first session was based in the classroom where we discussed the importance of fire plans at home, smoke alarms and general safety around fire and the home.  After that, we went outside to the fire engine where we got to sit in the cab, look at all the equipment and finally … use the fire hose to feel the pressure of the water.

Some interesting facts we learned:
•    The engine weighs 17 tonnes
•    The water inside weighs almost 2 tonnes – it carries 1800 litres of water
•    The tallest ladder can reach 13 metres
•    There are buffers inside the water tank to stop the water sloshing around
•    There are 7 different sounds the siren can make – we listened to them all and they are changed by the driver pressing the horn.

Have a look at some of our photos and videos of the fire engine’s visit.

This week, our handshakes total was 5.  We managed to earn an extra handshake on the way down to assembly as some of us waited for Mrs Thompson to go through the door before us.

Our Star of the Week this week is Clayton Dexter. This week he has really impressed me as the week has progressed with his application to the task in maths.  This has been rewarded with a really clear plan with costings.   He has also worked superbly during the editing process to improve and up-level his balanced argument.  Be rightly proud Clayton and keep it up.

15th May 2017

Our attendance this week was 98.6% 

This week our news is that we have all survived the SATs.  We’ve worked hard in the mornings and completed restful and energising activities in the afternoons.

Friday was definitely the best day of the week – No SATs and a day of treats ready to knuckle down and get back to work next week.

This week, our handshakes total was 2.  Despite having been busy with other things this week, we still managed to earn ourselves 2 handshakes.

Our Star of the Week this week is everyone once again.  There is no one person that can be picked out as everyone gave their all this week and, despite lots of nerves, tried their very best in everything they were asked to do.  Well done one and all!

8th May 2017

Our attendance this week was 98.6% 

Our focus this week has again been our preparation for our SATs papers next week. We have been really busy in the mornings focussing on areas such as fractions, long multiplication and long division as well as solving problems using all our skills.

We have continued to work during the week on our Egyptians topic, designing our own death masks which we are going to create using papier-mâché to create a 3D image.

Each afternoon to help us focus on our health and well-being, we have been encouraged to listen to calming music and complete mindful colouring as a finish to each day.   

This week, our handshakes total was 1.  Despite having the smallest number of handshakes in school, we were still proud of our total!

Our Star of the Week this week is: