29th January 2018

This week in Foundation has been all about the moon, which we used to help us understand the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. At this stage we talk about 2D shapes being flat shapes and 3D shapes being fat shapes and we learnt some of their names, such as cube, cuboid and sphere. We started to make our own model of the moon by covering an old space hopper with paper mache. 

Lots of children enjoyed using the webcam on the touchscreen to take a selfie and insert it into a picture of an astronaut and then use the onscreen keyboard to write their name. 

A big thank you to you all for helping the children with their homework projects his week. We had some amazing rockets, pictures, writing and moon models brought in to share and create a wonderful display. We also had a record week for bookworm certificates so thank you again for supporting the children with their reading at home.