20th November 2017

This week was Anti Bullying week and we started by thinking about people show their feelings. We read a book called ‘Funny Face’ and created different faces using playdough and whiteboard pens. We also used the analogy of a bruised apple to explain that sometimes people can be hurt on the inside even though they appear their usual self on the outside so we should always try and use kind words.

We enjoyed exploring in the courtyard and found new ways to do things. We filled the whole bucket with stones by sliding them down the channel and made lots of noise banging the saucepans! It was very exciting to discover the frost on Friday morning.

Children in Need was a great success. We all came dressed in spots. Mr Grayson had 26 spots on his shirt. Akasya added 1 more which made 27! In Foundation we raised a total of £75!