23rd October 2017

The final week of term was definitely a busy one in Foundation preparing for Elmer Day. On Wednesday morning Mr Carter came to tell us that there was a huge pile of ‘poo’ on the field and he had taped it off. We thought this was was very funny and went out to investigate. Leo then spotted that there were some footprints leading down towards the school garden.

The children were very brave and decided to follow them. Hiding behind the willow dome we discovered a life size elephant! There was lots of discussion as to how it got there but as it was our Elmer Day the children suggested that Elmer had left it for us. We had a great day wearing our Elmer TShirts and wearing our amazing masks.

On Thursday we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali, wearing brightly coloured clothes, dancing and tasting some Indian food. We still had our Merit assembly to say well done to Faith for earning her name certificate and Lola for being a Superstar for making her paper mache Elmer at home! We also said goodbye to Jayden with a card we had made and we hope you have lots of exciting adventures in Jamaica!